Is this the year you do it?? Eating Clean in 2018: YES YOU CAN!!!

Every year we get the amazing experience of rinsing off the old and bringing in the new.  This ideology of a cyclical visioning is an amazing blessing, so unique and specific to the human animal!  The idea that the past is gone and we can step into the future that we create is such a blessing.

  • What is it that you desire from your health both physically, mentally and spiritually?? 
  • Do you feel you need some nutritional support and guidance? 
  • Do you wish you could find others that also experience the same anxieties, stresses and life challenges? 
  • Do you need help decided how to create the future you would like to step into?

Join me at Koga Rochester to ring in the new year with new habits, new visions, new goals, new perspective and a re-NEWed sense of self!!!  



Healthy Hypes



I decided to pursue my nutrition counseling certification because I wanted to be able to take charge of my own health.  I would often hear claims from companies of WHY their products were GOOD for me, but was not sure what the information was telling me.  

Why are Cherrios good for your heart?

Cherrios, like many other food choices, contain soluble fiber.  Our bodies can only partially digest soluble fiber in our stomachs.  To move this fiber from our stomachs to excretion, our bodies extract cholesterol (a form of fat that can cause heart disease) from our liver.  Our bodies then use this fat to move along the undigested fiber.  Every time we eat this fiber, we are also excreting cholesterol.  Additionally, there is another form of fiber called unsoluble fiber.  This fiber moves through our intestinal tract like a street sweeper through a tunnel, pushing any left over debris out of our bodies.  This process also slows digestion, so that sugar is released into the blood stream at a steadier rate.  This keeps us fuller longer and less irritable in between meals:)

What if I do not want to eat processed foods?

Here are a list of raw foods that have the a good amount of fiber per serving:

Nuts and Seeds

  • Chia (over 3 times more than other nuts/seeds...THAT'S why they are added to nutritious shakes and salads!!! Mind blown, I know)

  • Almonds

  • Hazelnuts

  • Sunfower Seeds


  • Berries (Boysenberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry)

  • Figs

  • Pears


  • Broccoli

  • Artichokes

  • Leafy greens

My Favorite Fibers

  • Bob's Red Mill, Gluten Free Muesli

    • Every morning I eat 1/4 cup with Almond Milk.  I find that I am my most hungry 3 hours after I wake up.  I eat this Muesli and I feel full and satiated; not to mention there are some really good nutrients here!!!  YUM

  • Leafy Greens

    • I eat at least 1 servings of greens a day!  It is easy to do, they either can be cooked down in ANY recipe or eaten as a salad mixed with your favorite protein.

  • Apples 

    • These little candy pick me ups are the easiest fruits to eat on the go!!  Apples are so great.  You can rinse it, wrap in paper towel and it stays perfect all day!!!  I love a little apple mid afternoon when I'm craving a little sweet snack!  Keep one in your desk for emergency cravings or little energy.

Enjoy your fiber:)

-Kimberly, the clean hippy

YOU need fat in your diet...SAY WHAT???


You heard it right!  You body heavily relies on fat to absorb vitamins your body needs to function at its best.  These vitamins are called fat soluable and consist of:

Vitamin A

  • Eye and vision health

Vitamin D

  • Aids your body in CALCIUM absorption, which keeps your bones strong and healthy

Vitamin E

  • Protects cells from damage and protects the nerve cells so they can "fire" accordingly

Vitamin K

  • Essential for blood clotting!


You can not sustain a diet that does not contain FAT!  Fats are naturally occurring in animals but if you are a non-meat eater you still need to get a healthy source of fats from nuts and plant oils.


Not all fats are created equal

Here are 2 easy ways to decide which fats you should include in your diet:

1.  Remember Acronym COVAN:


    The best oils to consume are

  • Cold water fish

  • Oils from Vegetables

  • Avocados

  • Nuts


2.  The more saturated a fat is, the worse it is for your body.  You can determine saturation by the thickness of the fat at room temperature.  So it would make sense to:

  • use vegetable oil over butter/margarine

  • use olive oil over a creamy dressing

  • Eat Chicken over steak (notice the marbling of fat in the steak before it is cooked)


Dont run from fat,

-Kimberly, the clean hippy





Celebrate all that is you, and everyone else!!

Being a clean hippy is as personal as your bank account.  What you eat, drink, feel, say and think are the unique aspects of YOU!  What you NEED is completely different from the needs of others, and that is not only AMAZING; its WONDROUS!  

Your body will tell you what it needs by:

  • how it reacts to rest, work and playtime

  • how it processes information

  • how it regulates your mood and temperament

  • how it digests and metabolizes the foods you eat


So who are you and what do you need??


I would suggest starting with a 3 day juice cleanse and keeping an active journal of your thoughts, feelings, moods and cravings.  Make several journal entries throughout the day noting mental and physical sensations and experiences.  You will use day three's journal entries as a baseline (something to compare to) for you how you are affected by what you eat.  

Try slowly introducing raw or clean foods back into the diet.  Assess any mental and/or physical changes. Slowly continue to do this, with several types of food items.  Consciously listening to what YOUR specific body is telling you it needs and does not need.

Cant wait for you to find your unique self!!  

We would love to hear about your journey! Email us at to share your story with us! 




The Clean Hippy






Clean Hippy Vernacular

I plan to reference many different dietary options in this blog.  I believe I am a selectarian and try to choose foods that are right for my body and lifestyle.  Since we are all unique physically and mentally, so too must be your diet!  Let us enjoy and celebrate this journey of discovery together, for ourselves and each other:)  In my next post we define the next 5 steps of your dietary discovery.  First lets understand the basic vernacular that may be referenced in this blog:

  • Juicing or juice cleansing:  Consuming only pure juice, for a limited amount of time, from fruits, vegetables and herbs.  

  • Eating Raw:  Consuming, for a limited time, uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sushi grade fish in their naturally occurring, unprocessed states.  

  • Clean Eating:  Consuming both cooked and uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains and meats that are unprocessed and in their natural states.  

  • Vegetarian:  Consuming both cooked and uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and dairy products.

  • Veganism:  Consuming both cooked and uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and grains.

  • Paleo:  Consuming both cooked and uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meats in their unprocessed natural states.

  • Selectarian:  Consuming a variety of diets based on the needs of your body and lifestyle.  


The Clean Hippy




5 reasons I juice cleanse and "Try" to eat clean

Lack of Energy

I routinely experience lethargy or feel sluggish throughout the day.  A juice cleanse "un-fogs" my mind and sharpens my senses.  Whether you are aware of it or not, most all of the foods we consume are processed.  They contain pesticides and preservatives that are not meant for human consumption.  These chemicals, poisons and metals cause our cells to act inefficiently and they become unable to do the jobs they were naturally meant to do.  Additionally, consuming indigestible ingredients, such as preservatives and medications, kill the good bacteria within the stomach lining.  This bacteria actually aids in the absorption of nutrients.  The more of this bacteria we have, the better we are able to supply our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals from food.  Allowing our digestive track to take a break from working so hard to digest these foreign elements, and directly supplying it with nutrients will increase the cells healthy and natural activities.  Increase in energy is actually a side effect of healthy cell function.

Bloating and Water Retention

Recently, I experienced a very tragic death in my family.  Due to culture and stress, I self medicated with Cannolis and chocolate almond ice cream (salute to Abbotts Ice Cream).  Dairy intolerance is common and affects 80-90% of the population.  Dairy intolerance is a spectrum of symptoms (bloating, gas, IBS etc.) and the degree varies from person to person.  When the health of the bodies cells feel threatened or under attack, they will naturally hold and reserve resources such as water and fluids.  Additionally, the gastrointestinal system will struggle to digest, allocate resources to the cells and filter this indigestible waste.  The reasons for this are many, stemming from the medical and biological treatment of the cows before the milk is harvested, the processing of the milk post harvest and the biochemical theory that a mothers milk is specifically designed to support only the growth of her offspring.  If you want to see the effects of dairy on your body, I recommend a 30 day cleanse from dairy.  Please email me your results, I would love to share them and help others with their journey!

Cravings and Addiction

 Whether sugar, caffeine or nicotine (former smokers unite), if I do not feel good about what I put into my body, the more I poorly choose what I put into my body (huh)!  I know this sounds like a catch 22 but think about it....people that over eat, are hungrier than those that do not!  The more I don't care for myself, the more I don't care for myself (I know, literal mind blown right??)  The only way I am able to get my cravings under control is cleansing my body of impurities and supplying it with the essential nutrition it deserves.  Breaking my psychological need for what I call "self-medication", is one of the main reasons I cleanse.  Now cleansing alone is not an end all-cure all approach.  Initially I need to find out why I self-medicate (I'm a certified stress eater:) and then, I need to commit to a yoga and meditation program to support my cleanse.  This commitment is so one of the toughest journeys of my life, especially because life happens!  I recommend a 3 day retreat to support the reduction of life stress and support your success.  Group detox works and being with like minded individuals will help you form bonds and connections long after your retreat ends!

Slow Signs of Aging

Most all of the face products, lotions and soaps we use contain chemicals that absorb into the primary skin cells and sit in the dermis.  These chemicals are not nutritious to the body and eventually filter out as waste.  This process of toxication happens every time you use a chemically based lotion.  In addition, many products that promise the erasure of fine lines are actually inducing a chemical reaction (the same reaction as poisoning or a snake bite in some cases) to inflame this top layer of cells; causing those fine lines to disappear temporarily.  Over time, just providing attention to the top layer of skin, causes the cells underneath to grow dry and tired.  The same thing happens with your hair.  Vitamin E, D, B, K and your Omega vitamins are necessary to keep your hair, skin and nails youthful.  This kind of care comes from our diet.  Using topical conditioners or unnatural products will only temporarily solve your troubles.  Looking radiant, youthful and shiny is a two part process. 1. use plant based products like shea butter and cocoa butter (they work best and your body can absorb and digest them naturally). 2. Seek out a clean diet.  Include a multitude of colors in your fruits and veggies, eat whole grains and proteins with good fats such as salmon and hemp seeds.

Weight Loss

 I have specifically left weight loss last because I DO NOT want anyone to misinterpret my intentions.  I, in no way, am promoting any type of diet or weight loss program.  Weight loss is a side effect of self love, care, nutrition and living a clean healthy lifestyle.  We are all human animals on this earth together and there are so many beautiful species of humans.  We were not all meant to be emaciatingly thin or athletic and muscular.  Our bodies are just a vessel for our amazing souls, emotions and spirits.  If you go to the zoo, you could never say that the Cockatiel is more beautiful than a Giraffe or Tortoise.  These animals were made beautiful in their own right, they eat food specifically for their own nutritional needs, have activities designed to meet their physical satisfaction and live in their own true beauty.  As animals of this earth, we actually do not need some one to tell us what we need, we were actually born with the instincts for hunger, sleep, fear, desire etc.  The reason we are so far removed from hearing our instinctual needs is because we have been filling our bodies and minds with un-natural "junk".  If we return to our natural state, by cleansing the body which restores, repairs and rejuvenates our cells with nutrition (See Slow Signs of Aging),  The the body can become more focused on our natural biological needs (see Cravings and Addictions), then the body can stop trying to save us from being poisoned (See Bloating and Water Retention), then the neurological pathways and signals to the brain become faster and clearer (See Lack of Energy), then our brain can actually detect our instinctual human needs for self care (See Weight Loss).

If you want to learn more about becoming a clean hippy and healthy, happy, human join me at a juiceflow Yoga Retreat; workshops, juice, yoga, meditation and raw foods are included!!!


The Clean Hippy